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Blackdog Music is the best community in free music and musical events. We bring the best musical arrangements, with the most professional improvisations and free sessions in any of our events, where the best musicians come together to guarantee you a great time with good music.

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Blackdog Music is known for being one of the biggest exponents when it comes to music in Atlanta since our community holds the most experienced and qualified musicians, who are willing to share their skills in any of our community events, as well as being one of the newest sounds in the music industry.

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It is worth saying that our shows are impressive. Artists in our company really know how to play outstanding tunes, they know how to please the public and give them what they want

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3 Simple Tips for Better Music Through Jamming Sessions

We all want to take the most advantage of our Jamming sessions since there are so many things to improve while playing with some partners. But in order to truly make the best of it, you should already know a couple of advice that can make your overall session much better. Moreover, you will have the chance to enhance your skills and play some great melodies.

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Tune Your Instrument.

A basic rule for any musician. Having your instruments tuned is really important and should be a priority for you if you want to make good music. This will also help the other ‘jammers’ to stay in tune with their own instruments and improve the entire experience in a simple yet crucial way.

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Song Learning

Always try to learn the songs you want to play. Search for the chords online or watch a Youtube video about the lyrics and melody, after that, try to memorize it and play it without looking at the tutorial. Another option is to set a playlist of the songs you all know and want to groove on while being together and practice them as a group to have fun and get better at it.

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Seek Help From Other Musicians

If you want to master a song that you don’t know, but you know someone that knows how to play it, the best advice you could ever hear is to pay attention to their hands when they are playing, in order to improve your own style and technique.

These three core advice can become handy for you, always remember that the best thing you can do in a jam session is to have fun, enjoy the moment and experience some amazing tunes surrounded by friends and fellow jammers.

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The Jam Session Etiquette Manual

If you truly want to make your jamming sessions the most incredible, there are a couple of advice and unspoken rules that you should know in order to take advantage of it and play better, as well as saving some time to anyone that is playing with you and consequently, optimize the overall performance.

Since there is a lot to have in mind for you to be ready for your musical meeting, there are a handful of things that you should consider at the moment of making the schedule and the preparations for it. With that being said, we are going to give you the most important tip

Always Ready To Play

This is rather basic advice, but it is something that you should always follow. You have to be ready when they call you and this not only means thinking about what you should play, you should already have all your instrument tuned and everything organized in the right place. Not to mention that you need to have a clear mind to go there and try the best you can.

Solo Moments

At one point of the jam session, everyone is going to be soloing; for that matter, you shouldn’t feel worried or nervous, try to focus on what you know, let the music flow and play some good tunes. Avoid repetitive sounds and save your solo for the end, just with a brief moment playing it’ll be enough.

Jam sessions are an incredible way to show your potential to a band, and while some people can have a rough time of it and others may think it is a simple event, it is actually an opportunity to put on a good show and seize the moment.

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Fender Play Features – Want to Learn Faster?

Fender, the legendary company with undisputable expertise on guitars, has created an incredible tool that helps people who do not know how to play the guitar and want to learn. It teaches them basic things that will make them better.

You will learn from people who already know how to play this instrument, so you can improve your skills and achieve better things in the musical world thanks to the knowledge you will acquire from this incredible tool.

Easy To Use

Among the things is that it is a tool that teaches you as you venture into the world of the guitar playing, it does not matter if it is electric or acoustic, learning to play this instrument much easier and less tedious than any tutorial you can find on the internet.

The Fender Company with this launch deal and achievement revolutionizes the world of learning guitar and with this is getting ahead of his direct rival Gibson, which had not yet created this type of tools to teach people in such a creative way.

Perfect Practice Material

This tool is good to have when taking lessons with a tutor, so it would be good to attend some lessons in the real world and combine both pieces of knowledge to quickly learn guitar in a phenomenal way from basics to more advanced techniques.

Fender Play studies your profile and creates new ways of teaching according to what you like, they have noticed that many people would like to play the songs of a specific band or a certain music genre, and for that reason they have tailored lessons for people to take and perfect their knowledge, all this done from home.

Extra Equipment Is Needed

The creators of this program is not without its merchandising aspect, because in some lessons it may be necessary to use extra equipment of the Fender brand to complete them properly, such as Telecasters, Stratocasters, Mustang and Twin Reverb equipment that in some cases are pricey, this alone is not only providing good income to the company as well as fulfilling the goal of Fender becoming even more popular.

Even with the business approach being part of it Fender made sure to create something that would also be easy to use not only for fans of this guitars but for those wanting to learn how to properly play guitar like the pros at a low price.

With all these good features on one single program, Fender made it one of the best options available for mobile and PC that really does meet the promise to create something to make it as useful to learn guitar as taking classes.

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Infographic by: Pinterest