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We are a musical community and foundation that started first in Atlanta, with the compromise of making the best music, possible with many musicians that are involved with our company and are part of what we call Blackdog Music today.

It all started when me, Debra Johnson, thought about a place where all musicians that wanted a great musical experience and improvised sessions could enjoy an afternoon or practice to be better  and they could gather and music could be the spotlight of the day, as we could have a great time listening to potential artists that will grow to become professionals.

Blackdog Music is more than just a music studio or a group of musicians. We are always looking forward to being a positive change for our society. We want to spread the good music and vibes that our improvisations can offer if you listen to our musicians that want to make the best they can in order to give something back to the world.

For that, we try to compose the best melodies possible, and practice to become better every day and far more enjoyable, so listeners can have a great and interesting time watching our concerts.

Not to mention that we are always developing new techniques and perfecting our skills. It will surprise you to watch incredible performances by the guitarist of our foundation.

Also, we know that a lot of our guitarist and musicians want something more than just improvisation sessions and songs, they want to become important in the music industry, and that’s why some of them have multiple records and albums, they have become great sellers and a stamp to prove that they deserve to be the front of our crew.

Finally, it is essential to say that we keep going further and keep high standards for our concerts, you won’t regret experiencing our shows, we already know you will have an amazing time joining us and looking at the future of music, that is with Blackdog Music.