We all want to take the most advantage of our Jamming sessions since there are so many things to improve while playing with some partners. But in order to truly make the best of it, you should already know a couple of advice that can make your overall session much better. Moreover, you will have the chance to enhance your skills and play some great melodies.

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Tune Your Instrument.

A basic rule for any musician. Having your instruments tuned is really important and should be a priority for you if you want to make good music. This will also help the other ‘jammers’ to stay in tune with their own instruments and improve the entire experience in a simple yet crucial way.

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Song Learning

Always try to learn the songs you want to play. Search for the chords online or watch a Youtube video about the lyrics and melody, after that, try to memorize it and play it without looking at the tutorial. Another option is to set a playlist of the songs you all know and want to groove on while being together and practice them as a group to have fun and get better at it.

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Seek Help From Other Musicians

If you want to master a song that you don’t know, but you know someone that knows how to play it, the best advice you could ever hear is to pay attention to their hands when they are playing, in order to improve your own style and technique.

These three core advice can become handy for you, always remember that the best thing you can do in a jam session is to have fun, enjoy the moment and experience some amazing tunes surrounded by friends and fellow jammers.

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