If you truly want to make your jamming sessions the most incredible, there are a couple of advice and unspoken rules that you should know in order to take advantage of it and play better, as well as saving some time to anyone that is playing with you and consequently, optimize the overall performance.

Since there is a lot to have in mind for you to be ready for your musical meeting, there are a handful of things that you should consider at the moment of making the schedule and the preparations for it. With that being said, we are going to give you the most important tip

Always Ready To Play

This is rather basic advice, but it is something that you should always follow. You have to be ready when they call you and this not only means thinking about what you should play, you should already have all your instrument tuned and everything organized in the right place. Not to mention that you need to have a clear mind to go there and try the best you can.

Solo Moments

At one point of the jam session, everyone is going to be soloing; for that matter, you shouldn’t feel worried or nervous, try to focus on what you know, let the music flow and play some good tunes. Avoid repetitive sounds and save your solo for the end, just with a brief moment playing it’ll be enough.

Jam sessions are an incredible way to show your potential to a band, and while some people can have a rough time of it and others may think it is a simple event, it is actually an opportunity to put on a good show and seize the moment.

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